Gyula Magyar

Wood-carver, traditional artist

Makes kitchen utensils from hard wood, Which are the gems of a modern kitchhen. His products have won several decorative artist prizes And folk art jury awards.

Anikó Bedő


Her traditional style pottery Are made by wheel throwing, Typically usingtraditional tools. Her products have won several jury awards.

Gábor Drüsszler and Enikő Gellén

Wheel-throwing artists

They maje decorative items And pottery from clay. The unique and lively patterns On their works reflect their young, Active and creative personalities.

Marianne Tóthné Vecsei


Her decorative items and utilities Are made by wheel throwing. Using traditional hungarian shapes And motives, she established her own style.

Gabriel Bonbon Manufaktúra Ltd., Sándor Gábor

Manufacturing craft bonbons and Chocolate specialities

Specialities the master of chocolate production makes world class bonbons and chocolate specialities of different varieties, by only using natural ingredients.

József Élő

„Busó” mask carver and traditional Costume doll maker, award-winning Traditional craftsman

He makes masks and puppets of the „busójárás” carnival of mohács. His prodcts are unique in the world and have been awarded the hungarian Craft masterpiece titleminősítéssel rendelkezik.

Zsuzsa Polgár

Gingerbread-maker, folk artists

On her works made of gingerbread, The motives of folk embroidery Are recreated with icing, Using thin lines.

Mecsek Drog Ltd.

Producer of tea

Natural tree products from The mecsek region, Lifestyle, fruit, herbal, Mono and pleasure teas.